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We would say "Thank you"

We would thank you

Many of our guests have traveled with us several times.
That means we had happy travel companions. We would like to thank you for this and offer our guests a travel discount for every trip they still take with us. When requesting a trip, give us your name and which trip (s) you have already made with us.
With a new booking you will experience a joyful surprise!


The best months

..are all 12 of the year.
Le Marche means one or many special features for each month.
Le Marche means a discovery that leaves you speechless!

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self-guided tours

More and more vacationers tend to go on their own trips without exposing themselves to the "constraint" of a group. We have fulfilled this wish and now offer many of our trips for self-drivers. ASK US FOR AN OFFER: info@kastner-marche-ital.de


Discover the unknown Italy


"There are still places where people respect nature and time and maintain their art and treasures ..."
... and we meet these places exactly in Italy where nobody suspects!
- in the region Le Marche
- in the region Basilicata in the South of Italy
- im Latium
- rediscover the ancient world of the Romans - Via Appia Antica
- Umbria, the green heart of Italy
- Campania,endless cultural treasures


Specialties of Le Marche

... and only in Le Marche
Very special drinking pleasures with centuries-old tradition and also produced according to the recipes of the ancestors, organic and unique: Vino cotto and Anice.

These two types were and still are long-running favorites and never went out of style.
Do you want to know more about it? Read on here:
Vino Cotto

comments of partecipants

comments of partecipants
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Le Marche

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Italien - Land der Lebensfreude


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Travelling in Le Marche

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